Product A → Revenue: $35MRevenue → Gross profit: $30MRevenue → Cost of revenue: $20MCost of revenue → Manufacturing: $16MProduct B → Revenue: $15MGross profit → Operating profit: $15MGross profit → Operating expenses: $15MOperating profit → Net profit: $10MOperating expenses → Sales, general & administrative: $10MOperating profit → Tax: $5MOperating expenses → Research & development: $5MCost of revenue → Logistics: $4MProduct A: $35MRevenue: $50MProduct B: $15MGross profit: $30MCost of revenue: $20MManufacturing: $16MLogistics: $4MOperating profit: $15MOperating expenses: $15MNet profit: $10MTax: $5MSales, general & administrative: $10MResearch & development: $5MProduct A$35M17% actual/forecastRevenue$50M9% actual/forecastProduct B$15M-6% actual/forecastGross profit$30M15% actual/forecastCost of revenue$20M5% actual/forecastManufacturing$16M7% actual/forecastLogistics$4M0% actual/forecastOperating profit$15M25% actual/forecastOperating expenses$15M7% actual/forecastNet profit$10M25% actual/forecastTax$5M25% actual/forecastSales, general & administrative$10M25% actual/forecastResearch & development$5M-17% actual/forecastIncome Statement Forecast
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