Cash from operations → Cash from financing: $32.6BNet income → Cash from operations: $30.0BCash from financing → Stock buybacks: $19.5BCash from financing → Repayment of commercial paper: $8.2BProceeds from securities → Cash from investing: $7.6BNon-cash charges → Cash from operations: $5.5BCash from investing → Purchase of securities: $5.2BCash from investing → Capital expenditure: $3.8BCash from financing → Dividends: $3.8BNet cash flow → Cash from financing: $3.0BDepreciation & amortization → Non-cash charges: $2.9BStock-based compensation → Non-cash charges: $2.9BCash from financing → Tax: $2.3BCash from operations → Working capital: $1.5BCash from operations → Cash from investing: $1.4BCash from financing → Repayment of term debt: $1.4BCash from financing → Other cash from financing: $0.4BNon-cash charges → Other non-cash charges: $0.3BCash from investing → Other cash from investing: $0.1BNet income: $30.0BCash from operations: $35.5BDepreciation & amortization: $2.9BNon-cash charges: $5.8BStock-based compensation: $2.9BOther non-cash charges: $0.3BWorking capital: $1.5BCash from investing: $9.1BCapital expenditure: $3.8BPurchase of securities: $5.2BProceeds from securities: $7.6BOther cash from investing: $0.1BCash from financing: $35.6BNet cash flow: $3.0BStock buybacks: $19.5BRepayment of commercial paper: $8.2BDividends: $3.8BTax: $2.3BRepayment of term debt: $1.4BOther cash from financing: $0.4BNet income$30.0BCash from operations$35.5BDepreciation & amortization$2.9BNon-cash charges$5.8BStock-based compensation$2.9BOther non-cash charges$0.3BWorking capital$1.5BCash from investing$9.1BCapital expenditure$3.8BPurchase of securities$5.2BProceeds from securities$7.6BOther cash from investing$0.1BCash from financing$35.6BNet cash flow$3.0BStock buybacks$19.5BRepayment of commercial paper$8.2BDividends$3.8BTax$2.3BRepayment of term debt$1.4BOther cash from financing$0.4BCash Flow Template
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