Revenue → Total operating costs: $83.8BPremiums → Revenue: $72.3BTotal operating costs → Medical costs: $59.5BTotal operating costs → Operating costs: $13.9BProducts → Revenue: $10.4BTotal operating costs → Costs of products sold: $9.4BServices → Revenue: $8.7BRevenue → Operating income: $8.5BOperating income → Net income: $6.0BOperating income → Tax: $1.7BTotal operating costs → Depreciation & amortization: $1.0BInvestment & other → Revenue: $1.0BOperating income → Interest: $0.8BPremiums: $72.3BRevenue: $92.4BProducts: $10.4BServices: $8.7BInvestment & other: $1.0BOperating income: $8.5BNet income: $6.0BTax: $1.7BInterest: $0.8BTotal operating costs: $83.8BMedical costs: $59.5BOperating costs: $13.9BCosts of products sold: $9.4BDepreciation & amortization: $1.0Bcreated with SankeyArt.comPremiums$72.3B12% Y/YRevenue$92.4B14% Y/YProducts$10.4B13% Y/YServices$8.7B29% Y/YInvestment & other$1.0B94% Y/YOperating income$8.5B5% Y/YNet income$6.0B0% Y/YTax$1.7B6% Y/YInterest$0.8B62% Y/YTotal operating costs$83.8B14% Y/YMedical costs$59.5B13% Y/YOperating costs$13.9B19% Y/YCosts of products sold$9.4B13% Y/YDepreciation & amortization$1.0B22% Y/YUnitedHealth Group Q3 FY23 Income Statement