Products → Revenue: $298BRevenue → Cost of revenue: $214BiPhone → Products: $201BCost of revenue → Product costs: $189BRevenue → Gross profit: $169BGross profit → Operating profit: $114BOperating profit → Net profit: $97BServices → Revenue: $85BGross profit → Operating expenses: $55BWatch and AirPods → Products: $40BOperating expenses → R&D: $30BMacBook → Products: $29BiPad → Products: $28BOperating expenses → SG&A: $25BCost of revenue → Service costs: $25BOperating profit → Tax: $17BOperating profit → Other: $1BiPhone: $201BProducts: $298BMacBook: $29BiPad: $28BWatch and AirPods: $40BRevenue: $383BServices: $85BGross profit: $169BCost of revenue: $214BOperating profit: $114BOperating expenses: $55BProduct costs: $189BService costs: $25BNet profit: $97BTax: $17BOther: $1BR&D: $30BSG&A: $25Bcreated with SankeyArt.comiPhone$201B-2% Y/YProducts$298B-6% Y/YMacBook$29B-27% Y/YiPad$28B-3% Y/YWatch and AirPods$40B-3% Y/YRevenue$383B-3% Y/YServices$85B9% Y/YGross profit$169B-1% Y/YCost of revenue$214B-4% Y/YOperating profit$114B-4% Y/YOperating expenses$55B7% Y/YProduct costs$189B-6% Y/YService costs$25B13% Y/YNet profit$97B-3% Y/YTax$17B-13% Y/YOther$1B69% Y/YR&D$30B14% Y/YSG&A$25B-1% Y/YApple FY23 Income Statement