Revenue → Gross profit: $3.29BGross profit → Operating expenses: $3.05BOperating expenses → Sales & marketing: $1.70BRevenue → Cost of revenue: $1.10BOperating expenses → Resarch & development: $0.77BOperating expenses → General & administrative: $0.58BGross profit → Operating profit: $0.25BOperating profit → Income before taxes: $0.21BIncome before taxes → Tax: $0.15BIncome before taxes → Net profit: $0.10BOther income → Income before taxes: $0.04BOperating profit → Losses on strategic investments: $0.04BRevenue: $4.39BGross profit: $3.29BCost of revenue: $1.10BOperating profit: $0.25BOperating expenses: $3.05BOther income: $0.04BIncome before taxes: $0.25BNet profit: $0.10BTax: $0.15BLosses on strategic investments: $0.04BResarch & development: $0.77BSales & marketing: $1.70BGeneral & administrative: $0.58Bcreated with SankeyArt.comRevenue$4.39B7% Y/YGross profit$3.29B8% Y/YCost of revenue$1.10B4% Y/YOperating profit$0.25B-78% Y/YOperating expenses$3.05B54% Y/YOther income$0.04BIncome before taxes$0.25B-77% Y/YNet profit$0.10BTax$0.15BLosses on strategic investments$0.04BResarch & development$0.77B113% Y/YSales & marketing$1.70B49% Y/YGeneral & administrative$0.58B19% Y/YZoom FY23 Income Statement