Ad revenue → Revenue: $224BSearch advertising → Ad revenue: $162BRevenue → Gross profit: $157BRevenue → Cost of revenue: $126BGross profit → Operating expenses: $82BCost of revenue → Content acquisition, data centers, other: $77BGross profit → Operating profit: $75BOperating profit → Net profit: $60BCost of revenue → Traffic acquisition costs: $49BOperating expenses → R&D: $40BAdMob, AdSense & other → Ad revenue: $33BYouTube → Ad revenue: $29BPlaystore & other → Revenue: $29BOperating expenses → S&M: $27BGoogle Cloud → Revenue: $26BOperating expenses → G&A: $16BOperating profit → Tax: $11BOperating profit → Other: $4BOther revenue → Revenue: $3BSearch advertising: $162BAd revenue: $224BYouTube: $29BAdMob, AdSense & other: $33BRevenue: $283BPlaystore & other: $29BGoogle Cloud: $26BOther revenue: $3BGross profit: $157BCost of revenue: $126BOperating profit: $75BOperating expenses: $82BTraffic acquisition costs: $49BContent acquisition, data centers, other: $77BNet profit: $60BTax: $11BOther: $4BR&D: $40BS&M: $27BG&A: $16Bcreated with SankeyArt.comSearch advertising$162B9% Y/YAd revenue$224B7% Y/YYouTube$29B1% Y/YAdMob, AdSense & other$33B3% Y/YRevenue$283B10% Y/YPlaystore & other$29B4% Y/YGoogle Cloud$26B37% Y/YOther revenue$3BGross profit$157B7% Y/YCost of revenue$126B14% Y/YOperating profit$75B-5%Operating expenses$82B20% Y/YTraffic acquisition costs$49B7% Y/YContent acquisition, data centers, other$77B18% Y/YNet profit$60B-21% Y/YTax$11B-23% Y/YOther$4B+/- flip Y/YR&D$40B25% Y/YS&M$27B16% Y/YG&A$16B16% Y/YAlphabet FY22 Income Statement