Franchised restaurants → Revenue: $14.1BRevenue → Total operating costs: $13.8BRevenue → Operating income: $9.4BCompany-operated restaurants → Revenue: $8.7BOperating income → Income before taxes: $7.8BTotal operating costs → Company-operated restaurant expenses: $7.4BIncome before taxes → Net income: $6.2BTotal operating costs → SG&A: $2.9BSG&A → Other SG&A: $2.5BTotal operating costs → Franchised restaurant expenses: $2.3BIncome before taxes → Tax: $1.6BOperating income → Interest: $1.2BTotal operating costs → Other operating expenses: $1.0BSG&A → Depreciation & amortization: $0.4BOperating income → Nonoperating expense: $0.3BOther revenue → Revenue: $0.3BTotal operating costs → Other restaurant expenses: $0.2BCompany-operated restaurants: $8.7BRevenue: $23.2BFranchised restaurants: $14.1BOther revenue: $0.3BOperating income: $9.4BIncome before taxes: $7.8BNet income: $6.2BTax: $1.6BNonoperating expense: $0.3BInterest: $1.2BTotal operating costs: $13.8BCompany-operated restaurant expenses: $7.4BFranchised restaurant expenses: $2.3BOther restaurant expenses: $0.2BSG&A: $2.9BDepreciation & amortization: $0.4BOther SG&A: $2.5BOther operating expenses: $1.0Bcreated with SankeyArt.comCompany-operated restaurants$8.7B-11% Y/YRevenue$23.2BFlat Y/YFranchised restaurants$14.1B8% Y/YOther revenue$328MOperating income$9.4B-10% Y/YIncome before taxes$7.8B-14% Y/YNet income$6.2B-18% Y/YTax$1.6B4% Y/YNonoperating expense$339MInterest$1.2B2% Y/YTotal operating costs$13.8B7% Y/YCompany-operated restaurant expenses$7.4B-8% Y/YFranchised restaurant expenses$2.3B1% Y/YOther restaurant expenses$245SG&A$2.9B6% Y/YDepreciation & amortization$370MOther SG&A$2.5BOther operating expenses$974Income of $438M last yearMcDonald's FY22 Income Statement