Payment network → Rebates and incentives: $4.1BPayment network → Revenue: $3.9BRevenue → Operating profit: $3.6BTransaction processing → Payment network: $3.1BOperating profit → Net profit: $3.0BRevenue → Operating expenses: $2.7BDomestic assessments → Payment network: $2.5BValue-added services → Revenue: $2.4BOperating expenses → G&A: $2.3BCross-border assessments → Payment network: $2.2BOperating profit → Tax: $0.5BOther → Payment network: $0.2BOperating expenses → D&A: $0.2BOperating expenses → Litigation: $0.1BOperating expenses → Advertising: $0.1BOperating profit → Other expense: $0.0BPayment network: $8.0BRevenue: $6.3BDomestic assessments: $2.5BCross-border assessments: $2.2BTransaction processing: $3.1BOther: $0.2BRebates and incentives: $4.1BValue-added services: $2.4BOperating profit: $3.6BOperating expenses: $2.7BG&A: $2.3BAdvertising: $0.1BD&A: $0.2BLitigation: $0.1BNet profit: $3.0BOther expense: $0.0BTax: $0.5Bcreated with SankeyArt.comPayment network$8.0B13% Y/YRevenue$6.3B10% Y/YDomestic assessments$2.5B10% Y/YCross-border assessments$2.2B21% Y/YTransaction processing$3.1B12% Y/YOther$0.2B7% Y/YRebates and incentives$4.1BValue-added services$2.4B16% Y/YOperating profit$3.6B15% Y/YOperating expenses$2.7B5% Y/YG&A$2.3B12% Y/YAdvertising$0.1B-31% Y/YD&A$0.2B13% Y/YLitigation$0.1B-40% Y/YNet profit$3.0B28% Y/YOther expense$46M-84% Y/YTax$0.5B11% Y/YMastercard Q1 FY24 Income Statement