Net sales → Revenue: $159.9BRevenue → Cost of sales: $121.4BWalmart U.S. → Net sales: $108.7BRevenue → Gross profit: $40.1BGross profit → Operating expenses: $33.2BWalmart International → Net sales: $29.8BSam's Club → Net sales: $21.4BGross profit → Operating profit: $6.8BOperating profit → Net profit: $5.1BOperating profit → Tax: $1.7BMembership & other → Revenue: $1.6BOperating profit → Interest: $0.2BOther gains → Operating profit: $0.2BWalmart U.S.: $108.7BNet sales: $159.9BWalmart International: $29.8BSam's Club: $21.4BRevenue: $161.5BMembership & other: $1.6BGross profit: $40.1BCost of sales: $121.4BOperating profit: $7.0BOperating expenses: $33.2BNet profit: $5.1BTax: $1.7BInterest: $0.2BOther gains: $0.2Bcreated with SankeyArt.comWalmart U.S.$108.7B5% Y/YNet sales$159.9B6% Y/YWalmart International$29.8B12% Y/YSam's Club$21.4B5% Y/YRevenue$161.5B6% Y/YMembership & other$1.6B21% Y/YGross profit$40.1B8% Y/YCost of sales$121.4B5% Y/YOperating profit$7.0B13% Y/YOperating expenses$33.2B8% Y/YNet profit$5.1B169% Y/YTax$1.7B118% Y/YInterest$0.2B-9% Y/YOther gains$0.2BWalmart Q1 FY25 Income Statement