Revenue → Cost of sales: $304.7BRevenue → Gross profit: $270.0BGross profit → Operating costs: $233.2BOnline stores → Revenue: $231.9BThird-party seller services → Revenue: $140.1BAWS → Revenue: $90.8BOperating costs → Fulfillment: $90.6BOperating costs → Technology & infrastructure: $85.6BAdvertising services → Revenue: $46.9BOperating costs → Sales & marketing: $44.4BSubscription services → Revenue: $40.2BGross profit → Operating profit: $36.9BOperating profit → Net profit: $30.4BPhysical stores → Revenue: $20.0BOperating costs → General & admin: $11.8BOperating profit → Tax: $7.1BOther → Revenue: $5.0BOperating costs → Other costs: $0.8BOther income → Operating profit: $0.7BOnline stores: $231.9BRevenue: $574.8BPhysical stores: $20.0BThird-party seller services: $140.1BAdvertising services: $46.9BSubscription services: $40.2BAWS: $90.8BOther: $5.0BCost of sales: $304.7BGross profit: $270.0BOperating costs: $233.2BOperating profit: $37.6BOther income: $0.7BTax: $7.1BNet profit: $30.4BFulfillment: $90.6BTechnology & infrastructure: $85.6BSales & marketing: $44.4BGeneral & admin: $11.8BOther costs: $0.8Bcreated with SankeyArt.comOnline stores$231.9B5% Y/YRevenue$574.8B12% Y/YPhysical stores$20.0B6% Y/YThird-party seller services$140.1B19% Y/YAdvertising services$46.9B24% Y/YSubscription services$40.2B14% Y/YAWS$90.8B13% Y/YOther$5.0B17% Y/YCost of sales$304.7B6% Y/YGross profit$270.0B20% Y/YOperating costs$233.2B10% Y/YOperating profit$37.6B207% Y/YOther income$0.7BTax$7.1BNet profit$30.4BFulfillment$90.6B7% Y/YTechnology & infrastructure$85.6B17% Y/YSales & marketing$44.4B5% Y/YGeneral & admin$11.8B-1% Y/YOther costs$0.8B-39% Y/YAmazon FY23 Income Statement