Family of Apps → Revenue: $133.0BAdvertising → Family of Apps: $131.9BRevenue → Gross profit: $108.9BGross profit → Operating expenses: $62.2BGross profit → Operating profit: $46.8BOperating profit → Net profit: $39.1BOperating expenses → R&D: $38.5BRevenue → Cost of revenue: $26.0BOperating expenses → Marketing and sales: $12.3BOperating expenses → G&A: $11.4BOperating profit → Tax: $8.3BReality Labs → Revenue: $1.9BOther revenue → Family of Apps: $1.1BInterest and other → Operating profit: $0.7BAdvertising: $131.9BFamily of Apps: $133.0BOther revenue: $1.1BRevenue: $134.9BReality Labs: $1.9BGross profit: $108.9BCost of revenue: $26.0BOperating profit: $47.4BOperating expenses: $62.2BNet profit: $39.1BTax: $8.3BInterest and other: $0.7BR&D: $38.5BMarketing and sales: $12.3BG&A: $11.4Bcreated with SankeyArt.comAdvertising$131.9B16% Y/YFamily of Apps$133.0B16% Y/YOther revenue$1.1B31% Y/YRevenue$134.9B16% Y/YReality Labs$1.9B-12% Y/YGross profit$108.9B19% Y/YCost of revenue$26.0B3% Y/YOperating profit$47.4B64% Y/YOperating expenses$62.2B-0% Y/YNet profit$39.1B69% Y/YTax$8.3B48% Y/YInterest and other$0.7BR&D$38.5B9% Y/YMarketing and sales$12.3B-19% Y/YG&A$11.4B-3% Y/YMeta FY23 Income Statement