Revenue → Gross profit: $11.3BRevenue → Cost of revenue: $10.1BFabric & Home Care → Revenue: $7.4BGross profit → Selling, general & administrative: $5.5BBaby, Feminine & Family Care → Revenue: $5.1BGross profit → Operating profit: $4.4BBeauty → Revenue: $3.8BOperating profit → Net profit: $3.5BHealth Care → Revenue: $3.2BGrooming → Revenue: $1.7BGross profit → Intangible asset impairment: $1.3BOperating profit → Tax: $1.0BOperating profit → Interest expense: $0.2BOther profit → Operating profit: $0.2BInterest profit → Operating profit: $0.1BCorporate → Revenue: $0.1BOperating profit → Noncontrolling interest: $0.0BBeauty: $3.8BRevenue: $21.4BGrooming: $1.7BHealth Care: $3.2BFabric & Home Care: $7.4BBaby, Feminine & Family Care: $5.1BCorporate: $0.1BGross profit: $11.3BCost of revenue: $10.1BOperating profit: $4.7BSelling, general & administrative: $5.5BIntangible asset impairment: $1.3BInterest profit: $0.1BOther profit: $0.2BInterest expense: $0.2BTax: $1.0BNoncontrolling interest: $0.0BNet profit: $3.5Bcreated with SankeyArt.comBeauty$3.8BRevenue$21.4B3% Y/YGrooming$1.7BHealth Care$3.2BFabric & Home Care$7.4BBaby, Feminine & Family Care$5.1BCorporate$126MGross profit$11.3B14% Y/YCost of revenue$10.1B-7% Y/YOperating profit$4.7B-5% Y/YSelling, general & administrative$5.5B8% Y/YIntangible asset impairment$1.3BInterest profit$133M102% Y/YOther profit$177M14% Y/YInterest expense$248M45% Y/YTax$1.0B14% Y/YNoncontrolling interest$25M-4% Y/YNet profit$3.5B-12% Y/YProcter & Gamble Q2 FY24 Income Statement