Sankey diagram of Apple's 2022 income statement


Turn financial statements into beautiful Sankey diagrams

Also available as an add-in for Excel and PowerPoint
Spreadsheet input for the Sankey diagram creation

Simple data input

  • Spreadsheet interface
  • Year-over-year calculation
  • Copy and paste values from Excel or Google Sheets
Moving nodes in a sankey diagram

Fully customizable style

  • Drag and drop nodes
  • Add currency symbols
  • Use suffixes such as B for billion
It's rare to come across a product that is so super-easy to use and intuitive as SankeyArt is. 15 minutes was all it took to learn and generate an awesome page for my board report and my monthly opex infographics will be far more interesting-- I hope nobody figures out my secret...
If I were an accountant in public practice, I would look to produce one of these graphs for all my customers. This is far better than just sending them an income statement.
This should be a standard thing on all earnings. So much easier to visualize where a company’s revenues come from and where the expenses are.

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